Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly gearing up to premiere his long-awaited “All Day” music video in California.

According to reports, the highly-anticipated visual will make its debut next weekend at an art gallery.

When Kanye West and Steve McQueen, the video artist and “12 Years a Slave” filmmaker, began publicly praising each other’s work, fans wondered whether the two would collaborate. They have, and the result, an extended or expanded sort of music video, makes its American debut on Saturday at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Called “All Day/I Feel Like That,” the video will run in a gallery for four days during regular museum hours. (New York Times)

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Recently, rapper Q-Tip talked about being attached to Kanye’s upcoming SWISH album with veteran producer Rick Rubin.

“Yeah, Rick and I were gonna do the record, and Kanye went through different phases musically, so we’ve yet to reconnect on his project. We’ve met a few times and he’s kept me up to speed here and there on what’s happening. He’s done the same with my record. We’ve been talking about some ideas for my record as well. We’re still in step. It’s not like [Kanye] scrapped any of it, that’s a rumor.” (Billboard)

Although slim with details, G.O.O.D. Music’s Travi$ Scott recently dished on the mysterious upcoming LP.

“Don’t think that you hearing ‘All Day’ and that’s the vibe of the album. Nah, man. This is some other next level thing he got going. He’s on his producing sh*t. He’s on his God-level rapping sh*t. It’s that Kanye everybody wants. It’s some ultimate sh*t.” (Power 106 FM)

Recent reports claimed Ye’s latest solo album would arrive this fall.

A producer-entrepreneur worth $30m, West has branched out of music to become a fashion designer and is one of America’s most divisive stars. Kanye’s seventh album, originally titled So Help Me God and later changed to SWISH, is to be released this autumn. (The Guardian)