The people that know me always ask me what’s it like being so hated on. My reply, "I don’t listen to most of them because the majority of them can’t read anyway."

Really, it’s true. I’d say only 10% of you actually read what I’m saying. The other 90% of you studder and stammer through the first few sentences, read that one line that sets you off and then you get all emotional.

People – it’s just Hip-Hop.

So this week, negros are writing in the comments in Talking Videos catching cramps that I won a Bloggie Award. In Talking Video, one peon writes:

"…did you see Mr. Irreverent got an award for his blog??!!!! How in the hell didn’t you get an award for yours? I’m not on your dick or anything just givin you props for your journalistic abilities…"

Then in my comments I read:

"…and he’s gettin awards for this type of shit! C’mon people nobody even talks about this shit anywhere else but online."

So, let’s clear up the myth of the AWARD. Byron Crawford, suggested my blog for a "BEST TAGLINE AWARD" for the Bloggies. It was just Byron’s suggestion. As Byron says on his site:

"I figured I would create a list of sites I’m officially endorsing, in case anyone here would like to participate."

Now, for those of you who don’t know what a tag line is, my tagline is "I love Hip-Hop, I just hate the niggas in it" which comes from Phonte of Little Brother. 

Overall, Byron just likes my tagline. Great! Let’s move on. And for the record, here is the Bloggies site. Not one mention of yours truly. Plus Ron Mexico is down with me. He does my landscaping. If I win, he wins. And vice-versa.

Now to ruminate tommorow’s topic….