[After a full week of craziness which ranged from Bernice Burgos showing some major skin to 50 Cent landing some major bucks – SOHH’s rounded up the top five craziest stories of the last 7 days! Peep ’em below!]

1. Whatever You Like

Bernice Burgos

We might never know if Bernice Burgos and T.I. had something steamy on the low-low, but if there’s one thing for sure, it’s she knows how to make the Internet sizzle. Bernice proved it in a big way this week courtesy of jaw-dropping pics. CLICK HERE!

2. Money In The Bank


50 Cent has had his fair share of L’s in the courtroom but it turns out he came up big with a hefty lawsuit W. A big legal battle resulted in Curtis Jackson back to laughing to the bank. CLICK HERE!

3. Scandalous Shade

Nicki Minaj

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj isn’t new to getting shade thrown her way – but having it come from a Hollywood actor seemingly out of the blue? CLICK HERE!

4. Where Ya At?


It wasn’t too long ago when T.I. and Lil Wayne shared the same stage. But this week Tip revealed just how long it’s been since they last chopped it up. CLICK HERE!

5. Keep Hope Alive

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates might not be coming home today, tomorrow or the next week but one mini-update on his condition gives hope to the jailed family man’s return from behind bars. CLICK HERE!