R&B singer Ray J‘s camp isn’t here for the latest sex tape rumor. The crooner’s team has shut down hype and speculation about his former flame Kim Kardashian being on ecstasy in their now-infamous 2007 x-rated video.

According to reports, Kim wasn’t under the influence during the recording of their homemade clip.

Kim claimed she took ecstasy twice — once when she married her first husband back in 2000 and again when she filmed the tape in 2003 — and she says both experiences were bad for her. Our Ray J sources say Kim took no hard drugs nor did she drink alcohol during the filming of the sex tape. They do say, however, she smoked pot around the time the tape was made … and it was from a pipe shaped like a penis. As for Kim saying her lip quivering was evidence she was on ecstasy, the Ray J sources fire back … “her lip was quivering because she was getting ******.” (TMZ)

Earlier this month, Ray J issued a video statement shutting down Kim K rumors.

“Yo, this Ray J checking in. Felt like I needed to come online and shut down all of these false rumors going on about me and what I said about somebody I been with in the past. Let me make this one thing clear. I’m in a great place in my life. I’m happy. I love my wife. I got a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Melody Love Norwood and I’ve been trying to be the best parent I can be. I would never say these things after watching my wife go through labor for 28 hours. Okay. This is disgusting. The person I am now is not the person I was in the past and I need y’all to give me a chance to grow and to love and to respect the people I’m with without trying to slander my name. Please. God is working and obviously the Devil is trying to work too but it will not happen. I will not let that happen, y’all. I love my wife and I have nothing but respect for people I’ve been with past and present. False rumors.”

The same week, Ray J responded to Kim Kardashian calling him a pathological liar.

Initially, Kim K responded to a Sunday (November 4) tweet claiming Ray made a ton of intimate revelations about her.