Ray J Wants Str8 Men To “Show Love” To LGBTQ Community

Written By Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

Ray-Gay Pride

Ray J is calling for support for the gay community this pride month. He took to social media with a message for straight men about showing love to the gay community.

Ray J
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Pride month is off to a strong start with many people across the nation offering support for the LGBTQ communities. R&B singer Ray J took to social media with a solid message to straight men about the gay members of society. 

The reality television star released a video on social media promoting more support for LGBTQ lifestyles from the fellas. 

As he was driving in a vehicle, Ray J got on IG Live and talked about how more straight men need to show love to the gay community.  RJ said he has many friends and business partners in the LGBTQ community, asking everyone to come together, “live life and have fun.”

The video’s caption read:


STR8 Ni✅✅as!! Need to show more LOVE TO MY GAY NI✅✅as!!! The time is NOW!!! 🌈🌈” 

Many online praised Ray J for his public support. However, many others joked and made remarks about the singer-cum-actor’s sexuality.

A tweep, identified as @_Akemi_95, defended the star’s against those who sought to “weaponize it against him as some type of ‘gotcha’ moment.” He tweeted:

 “Ray J said “straight men need to support gay people more, there’s no reason for all the hate” and here come all the Hetero Heros “aRe y0U tRyInG To tElL uS s0mEThInG RaY j???” Y’all got as much critical thinking skills as an amoeba.” 

Playboi Carti ❤️ LGBTQ

Not to be outdone by Ray J, Playboi Carti showed major love for the LGBTQ community in a recent interview with XXL magazine. He said, “I wouldn’t give a f**k because it’s like, I love everybody”. Meanwhile, that interview has raised questions about his sexuality. 

Carti was also asked about his “vamp” fashion sense. The rapper is often seen wearing rock/metal makeup, dark gothic fingernails, and avant-garde clothing.

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Written by Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

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