The need for strong battery life continues to intensify as the power giants like Apple and Samsung deliver high-powered devices. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or Apple MacBook or Galaxy S and Nintendo Switch – your favorite devices need juice. Fortunately, RAVPower comes through in the clutch to save the day.

Today, let’s check out the top five reasons RAVPower’s 65W and 90W wall chargers are life-changers.

Reason 1 – Power Up

The first and most important reason for getting your hands on both a RAVPower 65W and 90W wall charger is because of the overall power they both provide. If you’re looking to get your favorite gadget charged up quick, fast and in a hurry, then you’re going to put your life into either of these units. The 65W is smaller and more convenient if you’re looking to toss it into your pocket or if you’re tight for space in your accessory bag. If you have the space and don’t mind a little extra weight, the 90W packs a more powerful punch and will get your devices charged up quicker. Both aim to have your devices go from 0 battery life to fully charged in that two-hour time frame, obviously with the 90W giving you a quicker refuel of battery life.

Reason 2 – Double Up

Whether you choose the 65W or 90W RAVPower wall charger, they both come with two outlets to charge up multiple devices at the same time. While you will trade minutes – of course – relying on the charger to work double-time, the luxury of fueling both your iPhone 11 Pro Max and Nintendo Switch can make a power nap even more enjoyable knowing you’ll have fully charged devices ready to go once you open your eyes. For the 65W wall charger, one outlet is a USB-C and the other is a USB-A outlet. The 90W goes the extra mile with two USB-C outlets aimed at charging the heavy-duty devices like a couple of MacBook Pros.

Reason 3 – Travel With Ease

There’s nothing worse than preparing to travel for a trip and having to go through piles of wires behind your desk and TV to get your power adapter. Leave that back in 2019 and get with the times. You can finally leave your adapter plugged in and rely on the RAVPower adapters to become your go-to for traveling and even when you’re out and about. Whether that’s at a library and school or at work and want to keep your devices charged extra quick. But if you’re planning on summer trips, family reunions and every holiday being away from home, rest assured RAVPower can go the distance no matter the final destination.

Reason 4 – Insanely Affordable

If you’re looking to save a few bucks and not break the bank – RAVPower has you covered. The 65W wall charger typically goes for under $50 on retail sites like Amazon. If you can spare a few extra bucks and don’t mind a slightly larger wall charger unit, spend roughly $10 more and get the 90W wall charger. Powerful. Reliable. Amazing. It all boils down to if you prefer to keep your gadgets and accessories lightweight or if you don’t mind a little bit of bulk with the trade-off of more power.

Reason 5 – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

It’s 2020 – everyone from your little brother to your grandma has mobile devices in their house. Whether it’s a Nintendo Switch or Samsung Galaxy, the RAVPower wall chargers make for perfect gifts to get your mom and dad with the big holidays always around the corner. Whether you want to treat mom to that handy 65W RAVPower wall charger she can tuck into her purse or get dad the big duty 90W wall charger, rest assured these will save the day.

Get your hands on both the 65W and 90W wall chargers right now!