Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz isn’t losing any sleep after being publicly called out by Chicago rap newcomer Lil Reese over allegedly jacking his rhymes for the new “Wuda Cuda Shuda song.” #NoTimeForJacking

Chainz appeared to defend his craft and lash back at Reese over Twitter.

“I don’t listen to regular radio I don’t listen to satellite and I dam sholl don’t listen to f*ck nuggas ! play wit it!,” Chainz wrote a day after Reese’s accusation May 11. (2 Chainz’s Twitter)

Reese initially went after Chainz via his Twitter page on Saturday (May 10).

“2 chains old ass weak Af for dat hook tell him I said it yea he kno wat I’m Tom bout…..#300,” Reese wrote May 10. (Lil Reese’s Twitter)

According to reports, Reese believes Chainz jacked his bars off another song called “On My Soul.”

Reese is accusing 2 Chainz of lifting lyrics from his feature on Lil Herb’s single “On My Soul” (“yo’ clique a buncha woulda, shoulda, coulda n—s”) to create his new Freebase track “Wuda Cuda Shuda.” Reese retweeted a few tweets from his fans who seemed to agree that 2 Chainz found inspiration from his track. (MTV)

Aside from Reese, footage of Chainz dissing radio veteran Funkmaster Flex at a New York concert landed online earlier this month.

“I don’t give a f-k what Funkmaster Flex gotta say about this n*gga from Atlanta. I ain’t use no motherf-kin’ help. I ain’t come to no n–a for no favors. I got up here on my own. F-k you and what you think about me, n–a.” (YouTube)