[With controversial footage of what appeared to be New York rapper Action Bronson being confronted by Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Popa Wu this week, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U weighs in with SOHH.]

Let me start by saying that’s my brother the older God and it goes beyond rap with this, you have to understand we don’t promote violence or stupidity when I say we the 5 Percent Nation, but what you’re not going to do is disrespect one of our brothers and think it’s sweet.

As far as the Instagram sh*t go, in the era and time we in that’s the only way to show these hot heads it’s not a joke.

I was raised as you respect your elders. Nowadays it’s f*ck him he old or washed up or whatever. Do you say that to your grandparents when they give jewels?

N*ggas want to be hard so d*mn bad but when they go home they like “Yes sir, no sir,” but on social media they’re a gangster or in the comments.

What you seen was actual fact on that pic it is what it is and it’s done, over, finished.

Understand this, that funeral saved that brother. It could of gotten worse. Sean Price is God body so the Nation was there.

H*ll I salute Action [Bronson] for even coming and he had a right to but know and understand it’s no set time or place to address disrespect and further more it was a building [moment] between him and that man, a conversation that got blown out of proportion.

No one got touch, that would of been something different or if Ghost would of seen him. We’re not a gang but we are brothers. If you disrespect me or my family I don’t care if you with your mama, I’m going to see you and not to go to the physical but to see where your head at before it escalate.

He got the pic, it’s done, it’s no excuse to disrespect any man race creed or color for no reason at all or because you feeling yourself and think you hot sh*t.

That’s one thing you can say, whatever u want about the elders or old school or whatever but that generation will beat your a** for your actions every man is a countable for his actions I seen gods get stomp for playing with this I seen gods lose they life for this, it’s not game and as long as it’s understood we over stand peace

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