[With over a decade in the rap game to his name, hip-hop veteran Fong Sai U talks to SOHH to weigh-in on social media feuds and referees the unexpected Action Bronson/Ghostface Killah drama.]

I just know what to say and what not to [on social media]. I just started being on Twitter that’s why I only have around 700 followers or something.

I don’t live my life for social media, it’s a good tool but you can’t swear by it. It will destroy you if you let it so I might throw out a positive tweet that has nothing to do with music like how I salute them kids in the Special Olympics that’s in town. They’re all winners.

It’s more things gong on than my money or who dissing who. It’s funny I tried to get on a blog to talk about transverse myelitis, it’s a chronic diseases that anyone can get and its no cure. I know because I got some symptoms last year I feel like we can talk about drugs but not our health and eating right cause as you can guess the blog didn’t post it.

Point being if I use [social media], it’s to make people aware and give the youth some jewels.

Ghostface is my brother. I know the god so you do the math.

My whole question I was asking myself for years is why no one never said anything. [Action Bronson] sounds just like a broken version of the god.

He was just out of line. When you say something, your words are your bond so ain’t no taking it back.

I see people try to discredit the god with that same bullsh*t his record sells or his wealth and I’m like that don’t take nothing away from no one legacy.

That’s what’s wrong with some of these young cats I rather have a legacy than one hot song.

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