[With his new "Ballads of a Massacre” available this summer, rapper/producer Fong Sai U gives SOHH his daily rundown.]

On a daily basis, I need my lessons, my degrees. I’m a Five Percenter so I have to be able to study and meditate to start my day.

It’s like a personal armor I have to put on to start my day. Once I put the armor on, I go listen to music and listen to everything that’s going on out here to keep aware of what’s hot.

You’re out of here if you don’t know what’s going on. You gotta go online and see.

After that, I start banging out some beats for four hours. I’ll bang out beats.

I grub and then it’s movie time. I love movies. Me and Netflix are best friends.

I’ll be on some movie sh*t. I’ll look at everything from indie to crazy sh*t because it gives me ideas and song titles.

After I do that and then I go to bed. That’s my whole day!

I don’t smoke. I hate weed. I used to smoke when I was younger. I’m good with water. The only time I drink is when I go out because I feel staying in the house and drinking creates an alcoholic.

You’re just sitting there with your wall drinking. I’ll do that sh*t socially but I’ll be on that Fiji water.

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