Rap producer Kid Capri isn’t here for Lonzo Ball. The hip-hop veteran has come to Nas‘ defense amid recent shots fired at the Los Angeles Lakers rookie.

This past Sunday, Kid jumped on Instagram and gave Lonzo a serious history lesson on Nas’ credentials.

Earlier this month, the rap heavyweight’s alleged manager Anthony Saleh came forward this week to address the Ball drama.

T.I. also joined the ranks of the angry Twitter mob, as did Anthony Saleh, the music industry veteran who represents both Nas and Future. According to Saleh, Nas has never even heard of Lonzo Ball. (HNHH)

Recently, former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady checked Lonzo for questioning Nas’ relevance.


After the Lonzo comments went viral, rappers T.I. and Lil B let loose on Lonzo Ball for ripping Nas.