Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj‘s new “No Frauds” music video has much more than social media buzzing. The dicey anti-Remy Ma visual has sparked tensions from reality TV personalities Rah Ali and Premadonna.

Remy Ma affiliate Premadonna struck first by singling out Ali for appearing in Nicki’s music video.

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Screenshots have since emerged with Rah Ali defending her image amid the social media jabs.

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This week, Rah Ali came forward to speak out on her distanced relationship with Remy and having a working relationship with Nicki.


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A couple days ago, buzz developed after Nicki posted an Instagram pic of herself alongside Remy’s former pal.

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Gossip blogs immediately picked up on the viral craziness.

Nicki posted a petty pic of her chilling with her “good good sis” Rah Ali to celebrate the launch of her new shoe venture. Which is interesting, seeing as how she made SPECIFIC reference to Rah and Remy’s friendship in her highly debated response to “shEther,” entitled no frauds. Hmmm…so we guess we know for a fact who was spilling all of Remy’s beans to the Nicki when the isht hit the fan a few months back. (Bossip)