I love Raekwon to death. I respect his hustle. I play The Purple Tape about 3 to 4 times a year. And IMO his album is better than, gasp! But sometimes Rae can be annoying especially when he’s giving himself TOO much credit.

Anyway in the new XXL he’s claiming that him and Ghost “…was the first to be talking that Cristal shit. I know that for a fact. I never even heard of Cristal before that.” Well, Rae, you’re not.

The first person to talk that Cristal shit was Rakim.

“Late for school, I catch the train;
Girls sip Cristal and whisper my name” – Know The Ledge

However, I can’t see sipping Cristal before school. Maybe he meant, Aguardiente Cristal. I’ve had this before and it’s up there with Blackberry Rum.