After initially warning Joe Budden to “watch his mouth” for recent comments made about Method Man‘s rhyming skills, Raekwon has now detailed his main problems with Budden’s rant from earlier this month.

Claiming the threat of violence was his initial reaction, Raekwon also spoke on Mef’s insistence to handle Budden without his Wu-Tang Clan‘s help.

“You can’t give that n*gga no shine, man,” Raekwon said in an interview. “First of all, everybody know that he’s not even nowhere near n*ggas, you know what I mean? I ain’t got nothing against Joe Budden, I don’t know him, I don’t care for him like that, but when he mentioned one of my brothers, it’s like ‘Yo, you outta character, B.’ And on a real note, you’re not better than anybody over here. So you know, to me, that was just something I feel he jumped in the pool with no water and didn’t realize he made a mistake, but that’s not my problem, he ain’t mention me. He was outta control that day, he tried to simmer it down a little bit or whatever. But he knows he was outta control that day. He don’t want no problems, man…We the type of n*ggas that don’t give a f*ck about rap. We might approach you when we see you somewhere and really get at you and I feel overall I’m not with trying to start no negative sh*t but I am with approaching n*ggas who get out of line, but Mef said ‘Yo chill’ he got that.” (Akira The Don)

CNN‘s Nore recently came to the Budden’s defense calling the comments one rapper’s opinions.

“He’s entitled to his opinion,” Nore explained in an interview. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion but when you make your opinion public, it sometimes comes across as disrespect. And a lot of people could feel that way but what it is, is you’re entitled to your opinion as long as it’s not public because once it becomes public, it can become the wrong thing. I wasn’t mad at his opinion at all but when he made it public and when it comes across that’s why people really blew it up. He didn’t really say nothing disrespectful. But the fact that it’s in the public eye, the public now has the decision to whether to co-sign it or disregard it.” (On The Air Idiots)

Busta Rhymes also offered his personal feelings towards Budden, who called out rappers from Vibe‘s “Best Rapper Alive” list.

“I think it was a great disrespect and he might want to get slapped in his face for it,” Busta told radio personality Ed Lover last week. “That’s just how I feel about it. I’m not saying that to be on no pro-violence thing because that’s not where I’m at with it. I still think that there is a fine line between entertainment and being morally and principally disrespectful.” (Ed Lover In The Morning)

Raekwon had initially said he was affected by the New Jersey emcee’s rant earlier this month.

“I was hurt by Joe’s comment,” Rae explained in an interview. “He seems like a cool dude, but I don’t appreciate him going at Meth like that. [Joe Budden] must’ve been feeling himself. You don’t play a legend who, like Method Man, did a lot for hip-hop…Joe bit off him anyway. When you listen to ‘Pump It Up,’ real n*ggas know where that flow came from. I’m not a battle rapper, but I will skin a n*gga, anybody. And, in my opinion, he isn’t better than Meth, never. You gotta watch what your mouth. Joe was out of character.” (Billboard)

Check out Raekwon’s interview below:

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