Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon recently discussed his Wu-Massacre album compilation coming together and said Alicia Keys showed her support for the project by remixing the “Our Dreams” lead single.

According to Rae, the album was primarily Ghostface Killah and Def Jam’s idea.

“The Wu-Massacre was something that Ghostface and Def Jam put together and asked from my assistance,” Rae told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “I just came through for them…This is something that Def Jam came up with with Ghostface and they wanted me and Method Man to be a part of it so Ghost called and got the whole movement on that Wu-Massacre album…In my eyes, I wanted to do it independently but this is what Ghost wanted to do — [‘Our Dreams’] was a commercial record that we knew would definitely keep us on the radio at least in the daytime and all of that. But it wasn’t really nothing that we felt was top of the line — we already knew that was gonna be a commercial spin-off for us…Yeah, shout-out Alicia Keys, that’s like our sister. She always comes through for us — she did that on her own, she just showed love out of her own kindness.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

Earlier this year, Method Man said Def Jam was responsible for rushing the project out to retail outlets.

“So far, with the promotion of this album, I ain’t have nothing to do with it,” Meth explained in an interview. “We’ve all been busy working — well, Rae’s been doing Cuban Linx [Part II], Ghost been promoting Wizard of Poetry, I had done like three f*cking movies last year so yeah, I mean, I’m glad someone in the building is taking it upon themselves to get the ball rolling so it’s a good deal right there because in the era we’re in right now, you gotta do all that sh*t yourself. I’m happy that Chris Bachalo did it, he’s official. I mean, his run on X-Men was one of the best…He’s professional with it, I would love for Chris to do my next comic book…” (Rap Radar)

Rae recently spoke on maintaining the Wu’s brand image through the release of their new album.

“I’d say probably four or five months ago,” Rae said about the album’s recording process. “We just wanted to make another album that really represents our brand, which is the W. When you think of Wu-Tang, we’ve been in the business for damn near almost, what, 17 years? We just want to make sure that people still know that we didn’t go nowhere — musically, passionately about hip-hop. When you get records like this, it helps keep the W flag up high. You know what I mean? Like the American flag. We gotta take care of that flag. It was something that was going to happen sooner or later. Us three, we always work good together throughout the years. On a lot of records, me, Ghost, and Meth was always next to each other. If you look at [the Wu-Tang Clan] as being the Lakers, we are the MVPs of the team.” (Entertainment Weekly)

The album debuted on the sales charts last week.

Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon’s Wu-Massacre debuted on the charts this week landing at No. 12. After one week, the threesome’s first-ever collaboration project pushed 38,100 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)