Chicago singer R. Kelly might want to look out for the woman responsible for getting him out of jail. New reports claim Valencia P. Love received a bomb threat at her job a week after publicly coming to Kells’ aid.

According to news reporter Brad Edwards, multiple people called the threat over the weekend at Love’s daycare.

Despite the seriousness, law enforcement did not discover an explosive at the daycare.

4:50 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us that authorities did NOT find an explosive device at the daycare center. 4:15 PM PT — Chicago PD just confirmed the details of the bomb scare to TMZ … saying multiple calls came in Saturday reporting a bomb threat, adding that the daycare center was evacuated. Luckily, no one was injured … but cops are still investigating. (TMZ)

A few days ago, buzz developed about Valencia’s identity.

47-year-old Valencia Patrice Love—a former day-care secretary, a resident of the south Chicago suburb Romeoville, and the owner of a Blue Island breakfast joint called Love on the Blu. But even after news broke of Love’s involvement, the circumstances surrounding her contribution to Kelly’s bail remained foggy. A dive into news reports, witness accounts, court documents, and interviews with Love’s friends, family, and co-workers reveals a bizarre trajectory wrought with ambiguous motives and contradictory claims. (The Daily Beast)

Kelly’s friend Don Russell also provided some insight on where the relationship stemmed from.

Love was a fan of Kelly’s music when she met the 52-year-old singer aboard a Spirit of Chicago cruise on Lake Michigan in September, Russell said. Over the weekend, she called members of Kelly’s inner circle and told them she wanted to help when she saw he wasn’t able to make bail. “She wanted Rob to have a chance at justice, and she thought he’d have a better chance outside of jail than inside,” Russell said. Love was with Kelly’s group after the singer was released from jail Friday, Russell said, and gave a toast to her short friendship with Kelly, saying she knew she needed to help a friend in need despite only meeting last fall. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Last week, rap star Drake‘s dad Dennis Graham defended Kelly amid his felony sexual assault case.

“He’s a good friend of mine. I wish him the best. I hate that it’s happening to him. There’s a reason why women come out after the fact. He has my support 100%.” (Variety)

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