R. Kelly Sends A Message Of Condolence To Tyrese From Jail

Written By Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

R. Kelly Sends Love

Tyrese shared a note of condolences on the passing of his mother from jailed R&B icon, R. Kelly, who is currently incarcerated on sexual assault convictions.

Tyrese Gibson
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Tyrese Receives Note From R. Kelly

Respect for “The King of R&B” is at an all-time high according to Tyrese who said he received a warm note of condolences from the jailed icon after the recent death of his mother.

On Saturday, March 12, Tyrese posted a text message sent through a messenger by R. Kelly, who’s currently being held after being convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor, bribery, kidnapping, racketeering, and sex trafficking involving six victims.

In the message, R. Kelly shared heartfelt words to Tyrese saying, “Hey lil bro my condolences to you about your mom.” 

R. Kelly went on to encourage Tyrese, whose mom Priscilla Murray passed away from COVID-19 less than a month ago, saying “She’s in a better place with my mom and they both smiling down on us.  I know it’s a lot having to deal with this in the limelight but keep your head up -rob.” 

Tyrese Honors R. Kelly

Tyrese was humbled and appreciative of R. Kelly’s kind words, replying with “Love you Kellz.”  

Tyrese is not shy at all about his support of the imprisoned R&B star, acknowledging the effort R. Kelly made to share the note with him from behind bars.   

In his caption on his Instagram post,  he said, “Yup….. just broke down in my trailer took me 45 mins to recover love you Kellz damn he is on the inside and still took time to get Condolences out to me and my family…Love you Kellz……. No comments needed….. Selfishly I wish they could sneak a protools rig and a mic in your jail cell so that you can unload all of those ideas cause I know you don’t write all of your hits have been freestyled off the top…… But that’s just me…. R&B King!”

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Written by Daniel "Jerk" Jerkins

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