Music veteran R. Kelly‘s biggest legal threat Michael Avenatti is making headlines for the worst reasons. New reports claim the celebrity attorney has been charged with attempting to extort over $20 million from sports apparel giant Nike.

According to reports, New York federal prosecutors charged Avenatti Monday and immediately sparked nationwide headlines.

Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York said in a charging document that Avenatti tried to get the money by “threatening to use his ability to garner publicity to inflict substantial financial & reputational harm on the company if his demands were not met.” (Business Insider)

Avenatti allegedly threatened to cause Nike billions if the iconic brand didn’t bend.

According to the criminal complaint, Avenatti met in March 2019 with attorney for Nike and threatened to release damaging information about the company if Nike didn’t make millions in payment to himself and an unnamed co-conspirator. Avenatti also allegedly demanded that Nike pay $1.5 million to an individual he claimed to represent. “I’ll go take $10 billion dollars off your client’s market cap…I’m not f***ing around,” Avenatti said, according to the complaint. (CNN)

Prior to getting busted, Michael vowed to expose Nike with a high school and college basketball scandal.

Over the past few weeks, Avenatti has aggressively gone after R. Kelly with a slew of sexual abuse allegations.