R&B singer R. Kelly isn’t playing around. The crooner has reportedly paid months of child support in advance to avoid a nasty run-in with law enforcement.

According to reports, Kells recently dropped stacks to his ex-wife to deal with upcoming scheduled payments.

The disgraced singer’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, tells TMZ … Kelly’s family attorney, Lisa Damico, appeared in Chicago court Tuesday afternoon and paid $41,666 to cover June and July’s child support payments to his ex-wife, Drea Kelly. As for the $32k Kelly still owes in interest on back child support, no decision was made in court … but Johnson says they don’t plan on paying anyway. He tells us, “At no point in the foreseen future do we see paying interest of child support. As of May 14, 2019 Mr. Kelly is current on support payments.” (TMZ)

A few weeks ago, Kelly announced a rare nightclub gig and asked the media to take it easy on him.

In March, Kells hopped on Instagram with a birthday shout-out to his daughter.

Recently, Kells’ legal team couldn’t convince a judge to lower his child support payments.

Kelly’s publicist, Darryll Johnson, said Kelly has no assets to sell, not even his home at Trump Tower, because he rents the condo, and paid rent in advance several years ago. Johnson said he and Kelly’s attorneys are representing him for free. Wednesday’s hearing on the child support payments was sealed to the public, but Kelly’s attorneys confirmed afterward that there would be no change in those payments, and the next hearing has been scheduled for May 8. (Chicago CBS Local)