R&B singer R. Kelly has Trump Tower to thank for delaying an inevitable lawsuit. New reports claim a woman has blamed President Donald Trump‘s luxury estate’s security in making it impossible to serve the crooner.

According to reports, alleged victim Heather Williams has not managed to get around Trump Tower guards to serve Kells with legal paperwork.

In the docs, Williams says she even tried giving a copy to Cook County Sheriff’s officials but says security at Trump Tower would not let deputies past the lobby. She’s filed a motion to get the judge to allow her to serve the papers on Kelly’s lawyers instead. As we first reported … Williams sued Kelly last month claiming the singer sexually abused her when she was 16 years old. She claims the abuse continued until she was an adult. Kelly denies the allegations and chalks it up to a shakedown. (TMZ)

Kells’ legal team couldn’t convince a judge last Wednesday to lower his child support payments.

Kelly’s publicist, Darryll Johnson, said Kelly has no assets to sell, not even his home at Trump Tower, because he rents the condo, and paid rent in advance several years ago. Johnson said he and Kelly’s attorneys are representing him for free. Wednesday’s hearing on the child support payments was sealed to the public, but Kelly’s attorneys confirmed afterward that there would be no change in those payments, and the next hearing has been scheduled for May 8. (Chicago CBS Local)

Despite the outcome, Kelly is reportedly sticking to his music grind and putting new tunes together.

Johnson said Kelly is still recording music, even though he was dropped by his record label in January. “He’s recording every day. He has a studio in his home, so he’s always recording,” Johnson said. “All he does is sing; sing and record all day, and when he’s not doing that, he’s shooting basketball.” (Chicago CBS Local)

A few days ago, buzz developed about Kelly’s alleged child support payment issues having a direct connection to his ex-wife.

Sources close to R. Kelly tell us the singer was absolutely lashing out at Drea Kelly when he quit writing child support checks … a move that ultimately landed him in Cook County jail. We’re told Kelly feels like he tried to maintain a relationship with his 3 kids, but he blames Drea for ruining any chance of that. He’s said he thinks she brainwashed them. As we’ve reported … Kelly was supposed to be paying Drea $20,833 per month as of January 2009 — but he fell way off schedule last year. (TMZ)