Atlanta rapper Quavo is sitting on an audio goldmine. The hip-hop star has revealed Migos and Drake have nearly 60 records on deck.

In a new interview, Quavo admitted there is a steady amount of new tunes in the chamber.

“H*ll yeah! We did 56 show dates. Every day, we made a song. So that’s 56 songs. … [Drake] just my dog man, that’s just my dog. Any time we see him, we make magical moments. [In 2019,] just good music, more good music out. Migos everywhere once again. Having a great hell of a year. And just staying blessed, good, positive, and ready to work at all times.” (Complex)

Recently, Quavo vowed to put out a new Culture III album in 2019.

“We’ll be at the top of 2019. We’re going to hit them with “Culture III.” (AP)