Quavo’s Raps That Offset Abruptly Abandoned The Migos 

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Rest In Rocket Power

Quavo has dropped a trailer for his highly anticipated second studio album, "Rocket Power." The visual is a prelude to the former Migos member’s album, which promises to reveal what really happened between the trio, both before and after the death of Takeoff.

Quavo x Takeoff
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“Rocket Power” Will Expose The Pain & Anger of Takeoff’s Death

As fans eagerly await the release of “Rocket Power” on August 4, 2023, Quavo has dropped a teaser that gives a glimpse into why and how the famed Atlanta rap trio broke up.    Quavo personally revealed on Instagram what to anticipate from the album, promising to lay all of his emotions before fans.

He stated in the post, “This Album Is Embodying All My Emotions. …Through the process of healing I’ve learned to turn tragedy into triumph….I had to dig deep into my purpose and find the power to keep striving….To my fans, thanks for being patient with me and supporting Us. To my FAMILY, even when times get hard we know our MAIN mission is to keep the Rocket name ALIVE TIL INFINITY #RocketPower 8/4/23.”

“My Cousin Jumped Out the Car”

The trailer features a rocket ship, symbolizing the late Takeoff and serving as a tribute to the rapper who passed away on November 1, 2022.  The visual includes lyrics that seem to address how the group abruptly split, shocking fans who were blindsided.  According to Quavo, his cousin Offset abandoned the group at the peak of their fame.

Quavo raps, “Living like a rockstar, but we miss one/ My cousin jumped out the car I had to keep goin’/ Now he tellin’ the whole world that we ain’t blood/ N***a it’s all love, yeah it’s all love/ I guess we gotta be together in this small world/ N***a it’s all love, yeah it’s all love/ Rocket Power imma up this shit, let’s keep it goin’.” 

In May of 2022, Offset unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff from all social media platforms. Simultaneously, Quavo and Takeoff announced their new group “Unc & Phew.”   The two took to Instagram to announce their new single-dropping called “The Hotel Lobby” which will not include the third member of their trio, Offset.

Offset & Quavo Attempt Reconciliation

Despite the split, the remaining Migos have made an effort to show a united front since Takeoff’s death.  Quavo & Offset came together to commemorate Takeoff’s birthday.  The pair wore matching T-shirts featuring the late rapper’s face and were surrounded by loved ones at a park.
During the BET Awards, Quavo and Offset set aside their differences to honor Takeoff with a performance featured hits “Hotel Lobby” and “Bad & Boujee,” and paid tribute to the late rapper with visuals of his picture and a rocket.

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Quavo Provides Vulnerable Update On “Rocket Power” Album

Quavo recently shared a heartfelt update with fans regarding his upcoming album, Rocket Power, dedicated to late Migos rapper Takeoff. Set to unveil a vulnerable side of himself; the “Lamb Talk” rapper said the album reflects his current emotional state.

Quavo’s Personal Insight On “Rocket Power”

On May 23, Quavo took to Twitter to provide fans insight into the upcoming Rocket Power album. He expressed that the project represents his present state of mind, encompassing a range of emotions. 

Quavo also acknowledged that he experiences highs and lows, disappointment, and moments of falling apart:

“Rocket Power The Album coming soon. This album is for the Rocket our fans and this is my therapy . This is album is a true reflection of how I feel right now. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m down, sometimes I’m disappointed , sometimes i fall apart but then I ALWAYS find my strength again. Everything might not be alright right now, but the rocket showed me a way to make it RIGHT. Rocket Power keeps me going. Rocket Power gives me fuel. Rocket Power will help us all overcome whatever we’re going through. Rocket Power.” 

The Significance Of “Rocket Power”

In a video clip shared on May 24, Quavo explained the significance of Rocket Power to him. He described it as a representation of being fueled by his late nephew and former bandmate, Takeoff. 

Additionally, the “Greatness” rapper emphasized the symbolism of seeking fuel from the sky, encapsulating the essence of “Rocket Power.”

Offset also shared a snippet of new music on his social media accounts that featured a posthumous verse from the late Migos rapper, Takeoff. The song also features rapper Icewear Vezzo

Takeoff was a talented lyricist known for his skill, influence, distinctive voice, and impact on the hip-hop industry. In November 2022, the hip-hop community mourned the loss of the late rapper after he was tragically shot in Houston.

In other news related to Quavo, he recently announced the 5th Annual Huncho Day Charity Football Game in Atlanta, partnering with the Legends Brand.

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Quavo Announces Album, “Rocket Power” Dedicated to Late Migos Member Takeoff

Quavo has announced that he will dedicate an entire album titled, Rocket Power to his nephew and former Migos member, Takeoff. It is set to be vulnerable and express his emotions about the late rapper’s passing.

Updated By: Journey Green (4/12/23 at 1:00 pm)

Recently, former Migos member Quavo tweeted that he won’t be doing any interviews and will be pouring all his emotions into his project, titled Rocket Power.  The upcoming album will be dedicated to his late nephew and former rap group member, Takeoff. 

 It is not yet clear when the album will be released or what other songs it will feature, but it is clear that Quavo is dedicated to keeping the memory of his late nephew and bandmate alive through his music. 
It’s worth noting that the name “Rocket Power” is a spin-off of Takeoff’s only solo album. In 2018, the late rapper released a solo album titled The Last Rocket, which was well-received by fans and critics. The album featured collaborations with artists like Quavo, Lil Baby, and his cousin and fellow Migos member, Offset.

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Quavo Honors Takeoff By Celebrating With The University Of Georgia Football Team

In a new video on Twitter, Quavo shouted out “Takeoff” and cheered on the Georgia Bulldogs, who won the College Football Playoff national championship.

Atlanta rapper Quavo is still grieving the death of fellow Migos rapper and nephew, Takeoff, who was shot and killed in November 2022. To feel better, he watched the University of Georgia win the College Football Playoff national championship on Monday night.

In the video, the “Lamb Talk” rapper was wearing Georgia apparel, smoking a cigar, and gave a shout-out to Takeoff.

When the cameraman ask how Quavo was feeling, Quavo replied, “Long live the rocket” and positioned his arms like a T. The word “rocket” refers to one of Takeoff’s nicknames and his only solo project, 2018’s The Last Rocket.

Georgia defeated TCU 65-7 in the game.

Quavo also recently released a song, “Without You,” dedicated to Takeoff. Fellow Migos member Offset also honored Takeoff by displaying pictures of him on stage while performing different shows.

Quavo Drops Heartfelt Takeoff Tribute Single, “Without You”

Former Migos rapper Quavo continues to mourn the loss of fellow rapper and nephew Takeoff and paid tribute with a new heartfelt song. In “Without You,” Quavo raps about how much he misses the late rapper.

Atlanta-bred rapper Quavo is still mourning the death of fellow Migos member and nephew, Takeoff, who was shot and killed last November. To honor Takeoff, he released a new song, “Without You.”

In the video, Quavo is sitting in a chair while smoking a blunt as the lyrics appear on the screen. The first lyrics that start the video describe what Quavo feels as he raps:

“Tears rollin’ down my eyes, I just seen an angel fly, tell me I’ll be fine, oh why.”

The “Lamb Talk” artist also raps about how holidays and family gatherings won’t be the same without him and how his family is still struggling with his death. In November, Takeoff’s brother, YRN Lingo, posted a heartfelt message to The Last Rocket artist.

Posthumously, Takeoff’s song “Jealousy” was released. In addition, he was featured on Atlanta producer Metro Boomin’s latest album Heroes & Villains on the track “Feel The Fiyaaaah.”

Offset Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Takeoff

Offset has also paid tribute to his cousin and former group member Takeoff. He had big posters and pictures of him on stage during a performance. Photos of Takeoff were displayed onstage with the Jackson 5 song “Never Can Say Goodbye” playing in the background.

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