As Senator Barack Obama concludes his run for the White House, Q-Tip will deliver his own message of change to the public in the form of his new album, The Renaissance.  In this SOHH Exclusive, Tip talks about dropping his new LP on Election Day.

While the hip-hop vet is known for his socially conscious raps it wasn’t his idea to drop on the historic date. “I didn’t consciously make the decision to put the album out on Election Day,” Q-Tip told SOHH. 

The A Tribe Called Quest alum said he initially didn’t think any of it when November 4th was selected as the release date for his third solo project.  “Later on I realized it was Election Day and I was like, ‘Wow.’  My album was already titled The Renaissance which is eerily striking in resemblance to kinda what Obama’s message of change and rebirth is about.”

Tip had even recorded a song for the album, which samples the democratic nominees voice.  “I have a song on my album called ‘Shaka’ that takes excerpts from one of Obama’s speeches so that was also kinda serendipitous as well.”

In addition to an appearance by Obama, The Renaissance also features collaborations with Raphael Saadiq, Norah Jones and D’Angelo. “I respect the three of these people immensely,” Q-Tip said.  “Norah is somebody that I just met but D’Angelo and Raphael are people that I’ve known for years and are family to me.”

The song that Q-Tip recorded with Norah Jones, “Life is Better,” is slated to follow “Move” as the third single.  “Working with Norah Jones was just really great and the song was dope so I’m excited about it,” he said.

Though the album wasn’t scheduled to hit stores until November 4th, online demand forced Q-Tip’s label, Universal Motown, to release the LP digitally last week.  Still Q-Tip has a full schedule of celebration set for the real release date.

The rapper will be at Fat Beats in Manhattan signing copies of the album when the clock strikes midnight tonight and then he’ll hit the polls to cast his vote for Barack Obama.

“That evening I’m having a party where we’re all gonna like gather together at this place where I DJ in New York, called Santos and we’re gonna watch the results of the election and celebrate the release of the album [and] hopefully celebrate a Barack Obama victory.”

In related news, Q-Tip is hitting the road with The Cool Kids on the fourth annual 2K Sports Bounce Tour.  The tour starts Wednesday, November 5th in Chicago, Illinois and will conclude on December 3rd in Philly.

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