Rap veteran Q-Tip has called out the makers of an upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary reportedly being put together by director/actor Michael Rapaport.

Tip hit up his Twitter page to express his frustrations over leaked footage from the film.

“I am not in support of the a tribe called quest documentary,” Tip tweeted Thursday (December 2).

“The filmmaker should respect the band to the point of honoring the few requests that’s was made abt the piece”

“The filmmaker shld respect the band enough to honor our request regarding the the film” (Q-Tip’s Twitter)

Footage of the documentary hit the Internet this week.

Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White together as A Tribe Called Quest greatly “defined [our] adolescence.” So we applaud Michael Rapaport and Nas for creating this documentary. From the out-of-sync/2-years-old promo trailer–which leaked–we see commentary from fellow ’90s hip-hop pioneers and never-before-seen footage of the members reflecting, arguing, and performing. Although the video doesn’t represent what the film’s about in its current shape or form, we have to admit: This still looks dope! Lookout for the OFFICIAL trailer hitting the ‘net before the Sundance Film Festival, and make sure to rock your dashikis at the premiere. (Complex)

Although Tip is against the film, he is currently putting together a book about his life experiences next year.

The A Tribe Called Quest frontman talked about Industry Rules, the guidebook he’s working on with writer dream hampton, who also worked with Jay-Z on Decoded. Due out in 2011, Q-Tip said Industry Rules is not a memoir, but a “cautionary tales of the industry. My little stories and each one will have a rule to it. I don’t want to give to much up but it’s gonna be like ‘There’s rules to this sh*t I wrote me a manual,'” he said referring to The Notorious B.I.G.’s classic song “The Ten Crack Commandments.” (XXL Mag)

Industry Rules contributor dream hampton recently hit up SOHH and discussed the project.

“I’m writing [Industry Rules] now, it should be done [soon],” dream told SOHH. “Q-Tip is an incredible storyteller. I think that people will be surprised about that. I really want to video tape him telling some of these stories as kind of a companion piece [to the book]. He’s a really, really good storyteller and he’s incredibly animated. I have footage back when I was shooting my documentary class at NYU and I was going around shooting different stuff. He’d be everywhere. I’m in a session with Mobb Deep when they were working on The Infamous, just shooting them working and there’s Tip. He’s just friggin’ everywhere. [laughs] He pops up on Jay-Z‘s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ he’s a dude from Queens so there’s a lot that goes with that that people don’t know about, like the whole Southside, hood sh*t. His stories are incredibly interesting and he spans so many different eras of hip-hop and he’s probably one of the better storytellers I’ve spoke with.” (SOHH)

Check out leaked footage from the film below: