During a recent show at in Las Vegas Q-Tip fans were treated to an impromptu performance by Prince.  SOHH caught up with the rapper to hear his reaction and to see if he has plans to collaborate with Prince in the future.

To the surprise of everyone in attendance, Prince made an appearance on stage during a recent Q-Tip concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.  Even the headliner had no idea that that the legendary musician would be joining him on stage.

“I heard rumblings that he was coming but I didn’t see him,” Q-Tip told SOHH.  “We were performing and all of the sudden we were doing ‘Vivarnt Thing’ and he came on stage so apparently he was there the whole time watching the show.  He was just really checking it out and I guess he was diggin’ it.  When we did ‘Vivant Thing’ he just took my guitar player’s guitar and hopped on stage.”

The former A Tribe Called Quest frontman says he and Prince have known each other for years and have even shared the stage once before but he was just as stunned as everyone else.  “It’s crazy, it’s like, ‘Yo it’s Prince.’  it just kinda trips you out,” said Q-Tip.

“I was totally shocked,” he continued.  “When he came on stage it was like, ‘Oh, wow.’  Everybody was kind of caught off guard.”

Q-Tip is currently touring the nation in support of his latest release, The Renaissance but when this tour wraps he would love to hit the road with Prince. “I’m just waiting for me and him to do this tour,” he told SOHH.  ” I mean shoot.  I’m just throwing that out there and seeing what happens with the sh*t.  [It] sounds good.”

Q-Tip’s new album, The Renaissance, is in stores now.

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