Hip-Hop pioneer Q-Tip has defended his public display of disapproval of the forthcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary and clarified where his true frustrations rest.

According to Tip, his anger is directed toward the film’s overall presentation, not content.

“I can’t really go too much into it, but what I will say is, a lot of people, when they look at that, they automatically assume I’m speaking just as the subject, that I’m not supporting it ’cause I ain’t like it,” Q-Tip said in an interview with radio personality Elliott Wilson. “I’m a producer [of] the film, Tribe is a producer [of] the film. I’m speaking for the whole group…Different things need to be done edit-wise. The sentiment of the film is there, 80 percent is there, it’s just not done.” (Shade 45)

Tip also expressed his thoughts on actor-turned-director Michael Rapaport‘s desires to push up the film’s release.

“It’s tough when you are an up-and-coming director and you’re working on something out of your pocket, you kinda wanna see it — and you start speeding a little,” Tip added. “Not saying that’s the case, but, one can connect the dots. It’s not done yet… It’s just that simple.” (Shade 45)

Last week, Q-Tip hit up his Twitter page and revealed his feelings about the film.

“I am not in support of the a tribe called quest documentary,” Tip tweeted Thursday (December 2).

“The filmmaker should respect the band to the point of honoring the few requests that’s was made abt the piece”

“The filmmaker shld respect the band enough to honor our request regarding the the film” (Q-Tip’s Twitter)

Tip’s tweets were preceded by documentary footage which leaked online.

Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White together as A Tribe Called Quest greatly “defined [our] adolescence.” So we applaud Michael Rapaport and Nas for creating this documentary. From the out-of-sync/2-years-old promo trailer–which leaked–we see commentary from fellow ’90s hip-hop pioneers and never-before-seen footage of the members reflecting, arguing, and performing. Although the video doesn’t represent what the film’s about in its current shape or form, we have to admit: This still looks dope! Lookout for the OFFICIAL trailer hitting the ‘net before the Sundance Film Festival, and make sure to rock your dashikis at the premiere. (Complex)

Check out some past Q-Tip footage down below: