Congrats to Jerry Wonda for changing Lady Luck‘s fortune in Round 2 with a 100% win. But can Jerry work up another winning wonder for Newark or will Round 1 winner Kevin Cossom bring that Miami heat? Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

Redman. My man is from Jersey and I grew up in New Jersey. Real talk, every time I see him he’s spitting the right things in his music. All of that really gets to me. He’s been rapping like that for years.

I would have to put Lil Wayne in there. I feel like Wayne has been doing it and people haven’t been recognizing everything he’s done. Growing up in Florida, in high school, that’s all n*ggas was listening to when Cash Money Records first came out. The Hot Boys. Think back to how many years ago that was. That was 10, 11, 12 years ago and look where he is now. Even though he’s young, people overlook the fact that he’s got longevity. He’s been in the game for years and he’s still killing it. He’s one of the most versatile rappers. I don’t feel like there’s too many others that can do what he does over any type of beat.

You didn’t name Busta Rhymes in the Hall of Fame. Oh my God. Busta to me, he can never go away. He just keeps coming back. He can’t stop coming back. This guy spits so much. Nobody can take him down. In a face-to-face, nobody can take him down.

Let’s see. I gotta name Kanye West. I think he’s the biggest producer/rapper. The person that’s in the studio putting together the beats, putting together the raps. There’s nobody like Ye. He’s one of the best at doing rapping and producing.

Let me see. I want to name my man Ol’ Dirty Bastard. That’s my cat right there. We already know what it is with him. Dirty was always real. He would just speak. I love when people don’t do too much thinking and just let it out. That’s what he was. Whatever he said, he lived by.

Busta Rhymes. His albums never really take off, except for the ones in the beginning and his fast flow that so many people try to emulate. His flow and energy are big.

Prodigy from Mobb Deep. Just listen to his tone. What he’s saying was already heavy but listen to his tone on the records. Even right now, I’m just listening to Prodigy in my iPod. I can only have certain music in there because I have thousands and thousands of songs but I have Prodigy in there too. Prodigy is my man and I’m glad he’s out of jail too.

OutKast. I want to count them together, Big Boi and Andre 3000. I can’t quote the numbers for sure as far as CD sales, but I’m pretty sure they’re major, especially for a hip-hop group. I love people who do their own thing. They followed their own rules and came out with their own camp. They just had their own sound and were really innovative. I think they really opened the door for a lot of people to just be themselves, especially Andre 3000. I don’t think too many people will come out [and perform] with a white wig. He’ll rock it out. And Andre 3000 is one of the top lyricists too.

Das EFX. I love Das EFX because Das EFX was the real truth. Whatever you were saying, they got your attention. Even when we were on the road as the Fugees, I would watch them every night. They would get into the crowd and really stick with them.

Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s gotta go in the Hall of Fame because he’s the ultimate icon. Everybody knows Snoop and loves him too. He’s still doing it. The last album was rocking and “Sensual Seduction” was rocking. Even back in the day, he was one of the top guys to do it. Plus he’s got such a legacy with his music.