G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently updated fans on his status in the rap game and why being around fellow artists like Kanye West and Big Sean is more comforting than trying to seek solo fame.

In Pusha’s perspective, he still has to deliver aggression and anger into his music because of his own personal outlook.

“My music is just aggressive. My outlook on life is aggressive. I’m still fighting. When it comes to music I’m bitter a little bit. It’s not because of where I am personally, but around me, like all of my friends are in jail. All of them are in jail right now. I look around at other people and they hang out with their friends and go places. I don’t do that much. I can’t. Mine are all in jail. Not to blame the music, but we came into this thinking music is the way out. Then when you get caught up in politics you have to think about how to survive and keep up your music. You don’t wanna be broke and you don’t wanna appear broke to the public. Because of that a lotta my friends ended up behind bars because of how we started in this game.” (Murder Dog)

Pusha Man also admitted he embraces his G.O.O.D. Music team and realizes rap sidekick No Malice is not ready for Clipse-related work just yet.

“Yeah, I’m not running with my brother right now. I would much rather be in a group now. I know my brother is in a very spiritual place. His belief is strong and he love where he is, but I’m his younger brother and I am selfish. I don’t know if I want my brother to not be with me right now. When you ask me if I’m angry or where does this edge come from, I have a lotta thoughts in my mind when I’m rhyming or when I hit the stage or when I’m talking about music. Music is not all happy to me. It hasn’t been the greatest in every aspect. I could easily sit here and be like, “I take care of my family and I drive Benz’s and do what I wanna do.” But we’d been doing things like that and I don’t need music to do that. It’s a little more personal with me. I think that personal side comes out as anger in my music.” (Murder Dog)

Recently, Pusha said there were no amount of pitches or suggestions he could make to convince No Malice to get back into Clipse mode.

“Man, I would really love to,” Pusha said when asked about a reunion project. “My brother is really on his mission right now. Listen, listen to how real this is. Listen to how real it is though. We had the 10th anniversary of Lord Willin’. 30 dates, needless to say, high dollar. High dollar, already done. Two weeks before it was time to go, my brother was like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to do it. I’m off that, I’m on my mission right now.’ You know, it’s about [his album] Hear Ye Him, it’s abotu where he is spiritually and he was like, ‘Nah, I’m not going to do it. Just go ahead.’ I asked him, now I had to do Coachella, 70,000, right? I’m like, ‘Yo, I’d love to bring you out.’ And he was like, all right, what song do you want to do?’ You know me, I want to do, ‘Keys Open Doors’ — he’s like, ‘Nah, I don’t really, I’m not really feeling that.'” (BBC Radio 1)

The Virginia native also said mega producers Pharrell Williams and Kanye West were both interested in getting a joint project rolling.

On top of those scenarios I already gave you, you got Pharrell saying, ‘Hey, when y’all ready, let’s go.’ And I think we should just do a two-sided, you know, the tale of two stories. He was like, ‘You do what you do, he do what he do, and that’s what you do.’ Kanye’s like, ‘I want to executive produce this but if you want Pharrell to do the whole thing, that’s fine, if not, I’ll just be here too.’ And he’s like, ‘Not right now.’ [laughs] Mind you, this is the same person I talk to every other morning about my mom, nephews, nieces – you know, hey, where you at? … I don’t think it’s anything holding him back, he just put out Hear Ye Him, a gospel album. I just feel like that’s where he is. My brother, his spirituality right now is next level. … There’s things going on in life that are pushing him in that direction.” (BBC Radio 1)

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