Magna Carta Holy Grail contributing producer WondaGurl recently revealed how she managed to take a track intended for G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T and have it land on rap star Jay-Z‘s new solo album.

According to WG, Jigga’s “Crown” track initially had Pusha T and Grand Hustle’s Travi$ Scott attached to it.

Originally Wondagurl had intended for Pusha and Travis to perform on the track. She figured after hearing “Blocka” that the pair would be receptive to another reggae-laced tune, which is why she chose Sizzla’s beloved 2002 single “Solid as A Rock.” Her instincts were right, and while Scott dug the beat, he had different plans for the instrumental. “Travis Scott said he was going to add some stuff to it and then later on a few days afterwards he messaged me saying he’s about to change my life and a few days later he told me that I was on Jay-Z’s album,” Wondagurl recalled. “At first I didn’t really believe him when he told me, it didn’t seem real.” (MTV)

The 16-year-old overnight hitmaker now plans to take things up a notch by aiming to work with even more music heavyweights like Kanye West and Drake.

Wondagurl crafted the basis for “Crown” while Scott and veteran producer Mike Dean added the track’s rattling top synth lines and Jay, of course, laid the killer rhymes — most notably the one where he throws a shot at famed sports agent Scott Boras. Now it’s only a matter of time before other MCs start ringing her phone, but Wondagurl already has a short list of hip-hop notables she’d love to collaborate with. “I’d like to work with Kanye West, Drake, Timbaland on some beats and Keri Hilson,” she told us. “I want to make her comeback track because I’ve always been a fan.” (MTV)

Atlanta producer Metro Boomin recently talked to SOHH about being an established 19-year-old hit-making machine.

“I’ve been making beats since I was 13. I’ve been in the industry since about 2010. Since I’ve started blowing up, all of the people I used to try to get a hold of and tried contacting are finally picking up. They’re the ones that are hitting me all of the time. It’s definitely gotten easier. I don’t even want to say easier, I would say smoother. It’s hard to say what artist I’ve had the most creativity and fun with in the studio so far. I think me and Future have great chemistry considering all of the records we’ve done. I’m trying to think who’s been the most fun and memorable. I’m really trying to think. Gucci’s definitely one of them. Him and Future pretty much work the same as far as recording. Gucci’s a character. It’s always entertaining to see him and work around him. He’s so personable and he’s such a cool dude. That’s always fun.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Thanks to WondaGurl and his own production, music pioneer Timbaland recently called Jay’s latest solo effort his best album to date.

“This is the best Jay-Z album thus far… I told [Jay-Z], all The Blueprint albums, those were good, but this is your first big album for the new millennium,” Tim said in a video. “This is hip-hop at its finest — it’s gonna change hip-hop. Y’all gonna get in your car and be like, ‘This is a good a** album.'” (Revolt TV)

Check out “Crown”: