G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha-T isn’t worried about Drake and Lil Wayne low-key coming together with a diss record. The hip-hop veteran has responded to the possibility of having a late-game shot coming his way from the Young Money duo.

In a new interview, King Push shut down the idea of needing back up to take on a possible two-man onslaught.

“I’ve been doing this by myself for a very, very long time. I shoot the club up. That’s what I do. Like that’s what I do. I’m by myself in this. There is nobody else. There are no other people to me. I don’t care, they all look the same to me. [Kanye’s] not [involved.]” (“The Cruz Show”)

This past weekend, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J Prince revealed he made a personal call to Drake and urged him not to respond to Pusha’s disses.

“I feel like for a man to attack a man mother, his father, a man that’s dying, I feel it’s disrespectful. If one leaves it on a level playing field, you get at me – let’s get it on. But to go [to that level]. Imagine we get into a fight and whoop your mama’s a**, hit your daddy in the jaw – I call it a pig pen mentality. I spoke with Drake. I made an OG call to Drake telling him, ‘I don’t want you to respond to this. We’re gonna put this to bed. We’re gonna put this to bed because we can’t get into the pig pen with pigs because the pigs turn into hogs and then hogs get slaughtered.’ That’s not his character. We ain’t work this hard to cheat ourselves over nothing. That’s the way that is.” (DJ Flow)

Last week, Pusha-T fans screamed “F- Drake” during a live concert performance.

A few days ago, rap star Kanye West called for an end to the Pusha/Drake beef.