G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T has stepped forward to assure fans his new position at rap star Kanye West‘s record company will not negatively impact his song-making process.

According to Push, there is no added pressure despite becoming the head of G.O.O.D. last week.

“I take my time, music isn’t a pressure thing for me, it never has been,” he said, explaining that his other enterprises—like his work with adidas—have afforded him the time he needs. “I’ve never been solely dependent on [my music], so I’ve always had the luxury of taking my time and really putting things together. So when I drop, it’s always an event.” (The FADER)

Listen to Pusha T’s new “Untouchable” song on the next page…

Last week, Pusha treated fans to his “Untouchable” anthem.

“Untouchable”‘s lyrics reference Pusha’s new position as president of G.O.O.D. Music, the Netflix show “Narcos”, the ’90s r&b group Total, and CrossFit, among other things. It also features the lines “I am more U2, I am like Bono with the Edge / In Mexico, f*ck Donald and his pledge,” and “I’m aiming for the moguls, why y’all n*ggas aiming at the locals? / And rap n*ggas broke like them, they’re mere hopeful / Still wishing on a star / The last one to find out that Baby owns the cars.” (Pitchfork)

Earlier the same week, rap star Kanye West announced Pusha’s new executive position at the star-studded company.

Pusha T, the Grammy®-nominated, multi-platinum artist and producer, and a key architect of today’s post-modern hip-hop/pop universe, has been appointed president, G.O.O.D. Music, it was announced today by label founder Kanye West. In addition to his new role at G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha T is a co-founder (with his brother Gene “No Malice” Thornton) of Play Cloths, a success­ful street wear line, and as an early investor in Mass Appeal. Pusha T is also a frequent collaborator with the adidas Originals brand, most recently taking part in the brand’s Spring / Summer ‘Superstar’ 2015 campaign. (Press Release)

Last summer, Pusha talked about the delay behind his long-awaited King Push album.

“When you make albums like I do, and it’s based off fanfare and based off touring — I make these albums and I get on the road. It’s not really a radio-driven thing. I get on the road and I see my fans and I touch each and every last one of them. I do that for however long it takes. Then we start the process all over again, making music. So sometimes there’s lag time.” (Billboard)