There’s only one thing you really need to know about Pusha-T’s latest album, Daytona. That one thing is it’s very, very good.

Of course, you already knew that because you’ve been listening to it nonstop since it dropped in late May.

What else do you know about Pusha-T’s third studio offering? Sure, you know it was produced by Kanye West and released on the label he founded, G.O.O.D. Music.

That’s the basic stuff. Do you know the next level tidbits?

To ensure you’re fully informed and properly briefed, we’ve listed 10 things you (still) need to know about Daytona. After reading our rundown, you’ll be a Daytona expert.

1. Daytona Was Originally Called “King Push”

Daytona’s original name was King Push. Pusha-T changed the title because he felt “Daytona” was a better representation of the work’s message. “Daytona” symbolizes the luxury of free time. For Pusha, that luxury “only comes when you have a skill set that you’re confident in.”

2. Pusha-T’s Tour begins July 31

On the final day of July, the New York-born rapper launches a tour to support Daytona, and tickets for Pusha T’s tour are already on sale. That night he’ll be at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. Pusha-T has over 20 dates on docket including stops in Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. For select dates, he’ll be joined by Valee and Sheck Wes.

3. The Image on Daytona’s Cover is Whitney Houston’s Bathroom

Daytona’s cover features a depiction of Whitney Houston’s bathroom. It cost Kanye West $85,000 to secure the rights. Needless to say, Bobby Brown found the artwork tasteless.

4. Pusha-T is Spelled With and Without a Hyphen

Is there a hyphen between “Pusha” and “T?” According to an interview with Pusha-T, published on on May 29, there is a hyphen—he put it back to coincide with his new release.
Yet, if you look on his Facebook account, it’s written both ways. On his Twitter account you’ll find two nearly identical images promoting his tour. The only difference between the images is one has the hyphen and the other doesn’t. To complicate matters even further, there’s no hyphen in his name on Apple Music.

5. Daytona Was Recorded in Wyoming

Pusha-T recorded the seven tracks that comprise Daytona in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There’s nothing wrong with the Equality State, but it’s not the part of the world you generally associate with hip hop.

6. Keeping Daytona to Just Seven Tracks Was Kanye’s Idea

Kanye West pushed Pusha to keep the album at seven songs. West’s logic was you can accomplish everything you want in seven songs and “have the most concise, strongest project ever.” Pusha-T was initially against the idea.

7. Daytona Was the First of Five Seven-Track Albums

Daytona is part of a series of five albums. All five albums were produced by Kanye West, made in Jackson Hole, and contain seven tracks. The albums were released as follows: Pusha T’s Daytona on May 25, Kanye West’s Ye on June 1, Kids See Ghosts’s self-titled debut on June 8, Nas’ Nasir on June 15, and Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E. on June 22.

8. “Infrared” Disses Drake

The seventh and final track of Daytona, “Infrared,” disses Drake. The song accuses Drake of using a ghostwriter. Drake responded by calling Pusha-T a fake drug dealer in the song “Duppy Freestyle.” Pusha fired back in “The Story of Adidon” by alluding to Drake’s illegitimate child.

9. JAY-Z Sampled Twice

Daytona contains samples from two different Jay-Z songs. Pusha-T used “Politics as Usual” for “The Games We Play” and “The Prelude” for “Infrared.”

10. Daytona is a Commercial Success

Daytona peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. During its opening week, it amassed a total of 77,000 album-equivalent units. Of those, 39,000 were traditional album sales.