Reality television star Kylie Jenner is reportedly back on track with sports apparel line PUMA following some dicey words fired off at the company by brother-in-law Kanye West last week.

While details are still coming together, reports claim Kylie is, indeed, Team PUMA.

Last week, news broke of a potential PUMA partnership with Kylie Jenner. The deal was disputed by Kanye West, making many headlines for and against the debated deal. Today at Agenda Las Vegas, while stopping by the PUMA booth at Liberty Fairs, we were able to confirm that the Kylie Jenner PUMA partnership is in fact a go. (Nice Kicks)

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Rap star Kanye West jumped onto his Twitter page to bash PUMA and announce Kylie’s loyalty to his brand last week.

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Buzz behind Kylie’s major deal surfaced online last week.

The partnership will not be “full out like Rihanna’s collaboration,” the source says. But, they tell Us, a recent cryptic post, now deleted, of an excited puppy basking in the sun may have something to do with her feelings about the news. “Mood,” she captioned the mystery image via Instagram. (Us Weekly)

Jenner is widely known for donning Puma during various outings.

Her role will technically be as an “ambassador” — though not at the same level as Puma’s global brand ambassador Rihanna, thxvm, because she’ll just be wearing the clothes, not designing them (at least for now). While neither Kylie’s team nor Puma have officially confirmed the news, she has occasionally been spotted in staged-looking paparazzi photos wearing Puma (as well as in selfies), and hey, she did retweet a story on the subject this morning, so there you go. (Cosmopolitan)