[With new artists hitting the rap scene daily, SOHH correspondent Lalaa Shep gives you one-on-one exclusives with hip-hop acts you need to know right now in “The Progress Report.” Today, Lalaa talks to producer DJ Burn One.]

In a recent interview with Lalaa Shepard & The Progress Report, DJ Burn One discusses life as a producer, DJ, and a tastemaker with a natural ear for music.

DJ Burn One is credited for the soundtrack production of Snow On Tha Bluff and breaking the careers of several artists such as Scotty ATL, Starlito, YelaWolf, Pill and more. As a producer, DJ Burn One suggests getting your money upfront but still being mindful that you must put in work before you can call the shots.

As a DJ, DJ Burn One says there is no right or wrong protocol for artists to follow as far as networking with DJs versus only targeting online consumers as the lines are now blurred as to who serves as a DJ, the people or actual DJs in the clubs.

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