[Music producer Jonathan Hay has hit up SOHH to issue a public apology to hip-hop artists KXNG Crooked, Action Bronson, Statik Selektah and Vice Records for the recent release of his controversial song "The Jerk.”]

I want to make a public apology to KXNG Crooked, Action Bronson, Statik Selektah and Vice Records for the skit I released earlier in the year called “The Jerk”. I’m very sorry to all of them. If you notice, I re-released the album, Deluxe: The Urban Hitchcock LP and the song “The Jerk” isn’t on there. I removed the skit and I’m completely embarrassed by it now, as it’s truly comedy gone bad.

I shouldn’t have made a parody of Action Bronson and Statik Selektah like I did. Honestly, the concept for the skit was me being a jerk… the ultimate jerk. I was inspired by Steve Martin‘s classic movie The Jerk. And I love inappropriate and offensive comedy, which is why I love Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart. I thought the skit I recorded would clearly be perceived as a parody because Action Bronson and Statik Selektah in a circle jerk together watching porn obviously never happened.

Even though nobody really heard “The Jerk”, the people who did hear it, didn’t look at it as funny at all. Quite the opposite really. KXNG Crooked, that many people know as Crooked I from Slaughterhouse, who’ve I done a lot of projects with, and someone I considered a very close friend… got extremely upset with me over it. Crook had just released the album “Statik KXNG” with Statik Selektah, so the timing of me releasing the skit was just bad. Looking back, that was a complete jerk move on my part. Action Bronson’s label Vice Records seemed upset with it too and went back and forth with my intern about the skit. That’s really embarrassing as I’m a huge fan of everything Vice. I’m also a fan of both Statik Selektah and Action Bronson.

I got a co-sign from a hip hop legend. @kxngcrooked #shadyrecords #slaughterhouse #eminem #housegang #cob

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Kxng Crooked speaks on relationship with Jonathan Hay

The skit “The Jerk” is comedy gone bad. At that time, when I recorded it, I was going through a lot of emotional stuff and I remember drinking some Kentucky Bourbon and I started recording silly skits. I was just escaping through comedy while going through some really traumatic life stuff. With my family and closest friends, we all make fun, tease and roast each other. So if we are making fun of you, that only means we like you.

This isn’t the first time Jonathan Hay has made a public apology, as late last year he went on Inside Edition and publicly apologized to Beyoncé for the 2005 Jay Z and Rihanna rumor.

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