Do you need some new music? Need to upgrade your music stash? Are you a huge fan of the New York rap scene?

Today, check out Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy’s top five reasons you should download the reissue of the deluxe version of Albert Einstein via BitTorrent Bundle! [Make sure to read each reason to grab your own copy from SOHH/!]

Reason 1: Work Of Art

The first reason you should pick it up is in case you haven’t heard it before. Now is your chance to get to hear it. It gives people the chance to hear it. It’s a work of art. That’s my first reason.

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Reason 2: Fire

The second reason is because it’s me and Alchemist’s project. It’s us working together. That’s always fire.

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Reason 3: Skills Still Lit

The third reason is just so you can see, a n*gga’s skills ain’t go nowhere. A lot of people be sleeping on the kid. This album will shut people right the f*ck up. It’ll shut them right up.

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Reason 4: The Artwork

The fourth reason you should get the album is because the artwork is dope. The artwork alone should make you want to listen to it like, “What the h*ll is this?”

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Reason 5: Hardcore Hip-Hop

The fifth reason is because it’s hip-hop. It’s hardcore hip-hop. It’s a dying breed. It’s rare. It’s a dying species nowadays in these days and times. It’s that real hip-hop. Hardcore real hip-hop. It don’t get no more serious than that. That’s it.