[With over 20 years of music to his name, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy talks to SOHH about collaborating with everyone from Nas and Lil’ Kim to Mac Miller and Action Bronson.]

We’re not playing with it. I’m dead serious about my craft. I’m willing to work with anyone else I respect out there and I can tell that they’re serious about their stuff like they’re good lyricists, they’re writing some good lyrics, they’re picking good beats.

I like collaborating with other artists that I respect. Especially with the new artists and the old artists, too. Whatever. As long as they’re dope, let’s do it. I’m with collaborating with people. It’s good because we get to share fans.


They probably got fans that never heard of who I am and I probably got fans who probably never heard of who they are. That’s just how it works.

It works in both people’s favor.

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