[After recently hooking up with BitTorrent for his Albert Einstein deluxe edition bundle, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy tells SOHH how he approaches music-making outside of working alongside longtime group member Havoc.]

When I do music outside of Mobb Deep, I try to make it different.

What’s the reason people want to buy it? They’re like, ‘Why am I going to buy the album? I could just listen to Mobb Deep.’ So I try to make it different.

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I try to make it a little bit more conscious. Any time I link up with any other producer, the producers are individuals and I just try to vibe with them. I go with their beats and they come up with their ideas, so I just vibe out with them.

It’s something different. Every producer is different. I’m not the type of artist who can just do one style or beat. I do a whole bunch of different styles and songs.

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