Mobb Deep’s Prodigy recently talked about how his crew have been able to survive the ups and downs of the ever-changing music biz and what keeps them going.

In Capital P’s perspective, Mobb Deep has paved its own lane and niche in the hip-hop game.

“What we learned is that we just gotta keep doing what we do. It’s pretty much the same thing that we’ve been learning this whole time. We got our own lane, and nobody creates music like us. We got a certain style of music that nobody else can do, and we basically got our own lane. We got to stick to it and just keep doing what we doing. We been through a lot of changes, trends and eras in Rap music.” (HHDX)

The Queens, New York native also spoke on surviving through rap’s infectious trends and eras.

“We’ve seen rappers come and go and seen groups come and go. From fashion, production styles–everything, you name–we seen multiple changes in music. We been through it, so it’s like, we already know what to do to survive and [maintain] the same relevance many years later. The quality of music is still the same, and we basically stick to our guns and our formula. That’s what we learned. We continue to learn and just do us. It doesn’t matter what trends or rappers do this or do that. Who gives a f*ck? We seen all of that already. This ain’t new to us. It’s new to them.” (HHDX)

Recently, Prodigy spoke to SOHH and said he had developed a knack for letting music reflect his life.

“I mean all of my song lyrics are from my real life. We coined the phrase “reality rap”. That’s our phrase that we called it many years ago. So when I write my songs, I talk about my real life, what’s going on in my life, the ups, the downs, when I’m in love, when I’m angry, when I feel good, when I’m just chilling,” P told SOHH. “I put it all into the music because everybody don’t want to be angry all day.” (SOHH)

Prodigy also stressed the importance of connecting to Mobb Deep’s fans.

“Music matches with your emotions, sometimes you want to hear a cool out song, sometimes you want to hear a love-hate song, a relationship song or sometimes you want to hear some drama, some hood drama,” P added. “It all kinds of depends on the kind of mood that you are in and the fan is. So I try to make my albums like that, touch on all the emotions that they go through and regular day to day life.” (SOHH)