In the film Jumping The Broom, two families avidly attempt to keep their engaged children from marrying each other. In honor of Mother’s Day, rappers Prodigy, Malice, Chingy, Young Chris and Oddisee reminisce upon the ex-flames their mothers warned to steer clear from — and turns out, they were right!

Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy said his grandmother kept it real and explicit about the female company he kept.

“I would say my grandmother probably gave me the best advice,” P told SOHH. “My grandmoms seen me around a lot of girls and she used to always be wilding like, ‘I don’t like that b*tch.’ She was definitely right about most of the women I brought home. Definitely.” (SOHH)

Sharing a similar bond with his own family matriarch, The Clipse‘s Malice spoke on the humorous yet sage advice he received from his grandmother in his younger days.

“Actually, it wasn’t one particular girl, it was just the fact that I was messing with girls period and my grandma told me, ‘See, yeah, you keep chasing behind these piggy-tailed girls. [laughs] That’s what she used to call them, ‘piggy-tailed girls.’ I’m like, ‘Piggy-tailed girls?’ And I would tell them later on in life, ‘Yeah, my grandma called you a piggy-tailed girl so you ain’t nothing.’ [laughs] Yo, grandma always know what’s up! For sure. My grandma lived in The Bronx [New York] too, so you know she knew what was up.” (SOHH)

St. Louis rapper Chingy revealed early warnings given to him from his mom about his current baby’s mother.

“Back when I was about 16, I used to have a girl come and see me, which is my [eldest] son’s mama,” Chingy explained. “She was a little crazy. She was a little off. One time [on] her birthday, and I was just at the crib and I didn’t really want to go nowhere and so I had her come over and chill with me. My brother had rolled with her and her friend somewhere but she was so mad at me [for not celebrating her birthday] that she called the police on my brother for no reason and tried to say that he touched her. She was super crazy and mama and everybody really just disliked her after that. She would always tell me to be careful. Everybody did, but when you’re young, you listen to what you want to listen to.” (SOHH)

Young Gunz‘s Young Chris said his motherly tips came later in life, after he entered the hip-hop limelight.

“I get advice from my mom today because during my youth, I only had like one real girl, for real, in high school and that’s my baby’s mother,” Chris said. “Other than that, I was just playing. I didn’t really bring too many people to meet Mom. It might have been later down the line, [if she saw] a few girls stop by the house or if she saw a girl here or there when she stops by my house now. She’s respectful, of course, but she doesn’t embrace everything right away. She goes around and [labels] these girls as groupies. She’s just watching her boy, man. She’s very protective. She’s always been right, too, about the girls. Every time. Mom is never wrong. Shout-out to Mom. I don’t have any problems but if I do, I’m calling her first.” (SOHH)

While Oddisee admits he did receive advice from both of his parents, girlfriends were kept under their radar due to his strict, religious upbringing.

“This is a tough question for me because I’m Sudanese and we weren’t really allowed to bring home girlfriends, we were basically in a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ type of living,” Odd described. “Any girl I was ever with was kept secret because we weren’t really allowed to do that, so this is a tough question for me. [laughs] I definitely got some advice about girls that ended up being exactly right. It’s different cultures and I guess the Islamic influence changed things. But since I grew up in [Western culture], they knew I was going to date, but just didn’t want me bringing them back to the house.” (SOHH)

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