With Mobb Deep’s Prodigy officially home from a three-year jail stint, Dipset’s Jim Jones reached out to SOHH this week to reveal details of his recent studio session with the gritty rapper.

Along with announcing P’s feature on his forthcoming Capo LP, Jones positively analyzed Prodigy’s post-jail lyrical dexterity.

“I got Prodigy on my new Capo album,” Jones told SOHH. “Me and P have already been in the studio. He came in the studio and didn’t leave until 7:30 AM [yesterday] morning. He was doing his thing. He looks good. Prodigy looks like he got his weight up, he’s in shape and it looks like he’s got his mind right. He looks like he’s been reading his books in there, the raps are on point, the flow is good, shouts to P. RSV-P and all that. Prodigy, P, you heard me?” (SOHH)

Last week, Mobb Deep associate/producer Alchemist spoke on P’s return from jail.

“He’s home man,” Alchemist told reporters with a smile when asked about Prodigy. “[Our studio sessions?] Outstanding. He came right back to the ground running. That sh*t was kind of amazing. I’ve never seen anybody, no disrespect, it’s not a Shyne situation. No disrespect, but he’s like better than before. He sounds young — he’s got a book that’s like the size of a phone book — it’s just like scripts…The energy’s real good. Him and Havoc are perfect — he’s go the right people around, I’m over there making some sh*t, Hav’s making some sh*t. It’s really internal.” (VIBE)

Earlier in the week, Prodigy and Havoc dropped their Alchemist-produced track, “Love Y’All More”.

Fresh off his prison bid, Prodigy reunites with Havoc for the first post-incarceration Mobb Deep track “Love Y’all More.” The gushy soul-sampled tune, produced by Mobb affiliate Alchemist, is a return to form for the Queens duo, with gruff rhymes dedicated to the fans for holding P down while he was serving his time. “Through the thick and the thin, strong and the long/ We love y’all, ’cause y’all love us/ We love ya’ll more,” raps the newly-liberated Prodigy. (Rap-Up)

Around mid-March, Prodigy gave his first post-jail interview with The Source.

“It feels incredible, man,” P said when asked about his feelings since being released from jail last week. “I’m just happy to be back, be back to work on the music and everything we got to take care of. A lot of the things I was doing [in jail], I was writing a lot of blogs and putting it out there on the websites and the streets. I was writing a lot of lyrics, of course, for songs and I tried my hand at some poetry, different writing types of stuff. At this point in my life, I see a lot of people — just doing the same thing. Nobody’s unique. Everybody copies off each other, everybody wears the same kind of stuff. Nobody’s an individual anymore.” (The Source)

Check out Alchemist speaking on Prodigy below: