Mobb Deep’s Prodigy recently talked about the possibility of working with longtime affiliate Alchemist on a long-awaited reunion album alongside group member Havoc.

According to Capital P, the project is still in its early stages and fans can expect Hav to add his own production.

“We’ve just been working on the beginnings of it. We’ve got a few joints knocked out; it’s coming along. It’ll be out soon. [Alchemist producing the album] is the plan right now. I’m sure Hav will have something on there or they’ll probably be collaborating on a few joints here and there but we had an idea like, ‘Yo, let’s do something different and have Al do the whole album.’ We just wanted to do something different and get some new excitement. I’m sure the fans would appreciate it.” (Billboard)

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Havoc also talked about Mobb’s longtime relationship with Alchemist and putting out a new LP with his guidance.

“Moving forward, jumping into 2015, Mobb Deep is still here. We making albums and in the midst of making these albums we just like to come up with ideas like, ‘why don’t we do a new album like this? Why don’t we do a new album like that or why don’t we do a new album with Alchemist?’ We’ve been throwing around ideas, and making a few songs. Nothing really etched in stone but it’s just an idea that we’re throwing around. How much that album will become a reality [is] based around how we fit [it in] our schedules, as far as touring and things of that nature.” (Billboard)

Last year, Prodigy said Mobb Deep had paved its own lane and sound in the hip-hop game.

“What we learned is that we just gotta keep doing what we do. It’s pretty much the same thing that we’ve been learning this whole time. We got our own lane, and nobody creates music like us. We got a certain style of music that nobody else can do, and we basically got our own lane. We got to stick to it and just keep doing what we doing. We been through a lot of changes, trends and eras in Rap music.” (HHDX)

The New York native previously spoke to SOHH and said he had developed a knack for letting music reflect his life.

“I mean all of my song lyrics are from my real life. We coined the phrase “reality rap”. That’s our phrase that we called it many years ago. So when I write my songs, I talk about my real life, what’s going on in my life, the ups, the downs, when I’m in love, when I’m angry, when I feel good, when I’m just chilling,” P told SOHH. “I put it all into the music because everybody don’t want to be angry all day.” (SOHH)