[With his new Albert Einstein bonus album available this week, Prodigy speaks to SOHH readers about Mobb Deep’s his close-knit relationship with longtime pal Alchemist and decoded the project’s must-see cover art.]


I think the music that Alchemist makes is like in the same vein as the production that Havoc has been making for us all these years, and we’ve been doing all these years.

Alchemist brings his own flavor to it though because he’s from Los Angeles, so he got the whole Cali feel mixed with our style and New York music and it’s like a Frankenstein thing, he’s created a monster with his sound. So it’s just something special, that’s why we always work with him, he’s a part of the team.

[With the artwork], well, my name is Albert Johnson, so I wanted to do an album that kind of goes with my name because I did a project called The Bumpy Johnson EP when I first came out from jail so I wanted to put an album out that goes with my name.

Albert Einstein was kind of perfect for that. I had this vision in my head of the picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue hanging out, it’s that kind of funny picture that he had.

So I was like, let’s use that picture for the album cover but let’s vandalize it and make it look crazy and that’s I what I told Don and that’s what I came up with for the cover.

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