Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy is bringing fans a bit closer into his personal life. The hip-hop veteran has announced his mother Fatima Johnson‘s passing on social media.

Capital P went to Instagram last night (December 26) to announce the tragic news.




Johnson, who previously sang with The Crystals, would often acknowledge Prodigy on her Twitter page.

Last week, Prodigy announced his upcoming My Infamous Prison Cookbook had been banned from California prisons.


Outside of the book drama, P recently spoke to SOHH about his approach to music-making with seasoned artists and rap newcomers.

“We’re not playing with it. I’m dead serious about my craft. I’m willing to work with anyone else I respect out there and I can tell that they’re serious about their stuff like they’re good lyricists, they’re writing some good lyrics, they’re picking good beats. I like collaborating with other artists that I respect. Especially with the new artists and the old artists, too. Whatever. As long as they’re dope, let’s do it. I’m with collaborating with people. It’s good because we get to share fans. They probably got fans that never heard of who I am and I probably got fans who probably never heard of who they are. That’s just how it works. It works in both people’s favor.” (SOHH)

P also discussed working with producers outside of Mobb Deep sidekick Havoc.

“When I do music outside of Mobb Deep, I try to make it different. What’s the reason people want to buy it? They’re like, ‘Why am I going to buy the album? I could just listen to Mobb Deep.’ So I try to make it different. I try to make it a little bit more conscious. Any time I link up with any other producer, the producers are individuals and I just try to vibe with them. I go with their beats and they come up with their ideas, so I just vibe out with them. It’s something different. Every producer is different. I’m not the type of artist who can just do one style or beat. I do a whole bunch of different styles and songs.” (SOHH)