Late music icon Prince’s irreplaceable music collection is reportedly giving rap mogul Jay Z‘s TIDAL streaming service a massive boost above its competition.

According to reports, Prince’s decision to partner up with TIDAL last year has immediately made it the only digital streaming service with his audio stash.

Prince’s backing of Tidal was deliberate. For all the flak the service has gotten from potential subscribers, he supported its pledge to pay artists for their content. On the day of his death, it’s the only subscription streaming service on which fans can listen to his music. (The Daily Beast)

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The music icon’s sales have reportedly soared since his untimely passing this week.

Sales of Prince’s music have soared since news broke of the pop star’s death. Three of his songs — “Purple Rain,” “Little Red Corvette,” and “When Doves Cry,” — surged to 7th, 9th and 10th on iTunes’ Top Songs chart. Four of his albums — “The Very Best of Prince,” “Purple Rain,” “The Hits / The B-Sides,” and “1999” — jumped to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th on iTunes’ Top Albums chart by Thursday afternoon.

Back in September, Prince exclusively released his HITNRUN Phase One album.

Prince unleashed his new album to music retailers on Monday following a week-long exclusivity pact with Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal. The album, HITNRUN Phase One, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets, including Tidal itself, which for the first time is letting subscribers and non-subscribers alike make album purchases on the site. Also surprising: Tidal’s move to sell the Purple One’s new album in the long-beleaguered CD format. (Billboard)