President Barack Obama recently flexed his love for hip-hop and weighed in on the possibility of a Kendrick Lamar and Drake battle going down.

In President Obama’s perspective, K. Dot’s lyrics give him the edge of Drizzy.

“Gotta go with Kendrick. I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick, his lyrics,” President Obama said. “His last album was outstanding. Best album, I think, last year.” (The YouTube Interview)

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Earlier this month, K. Dot admitted he had not kept up with the war of words between Drake and Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill last summer.

“”Nah, I didn’t,” Lamar said when asked about following the feud. “That’s they thing they got going on over there.” (New York Times)

A few days prior, MMG head Rick Ross revealed his chat with Meek over the publicized feud.

“In every conversation [I had with Meek, it was], ‘You move when you want to move. You not forced to move nothing. Ain’t no time limits, ain’t no, get your money on tour, certain energies may flare up, let’s calm down homie. You out on bond. You got money to get. I’m out on bond. I got $8 million tied up.’ It’s certain things I want to see happening.” (Rap Radar)

Recently, Ross downplayed the dispute being comparable to the early 2000’s battle between rap stars Nas and Jay Z.

“We might be from two different eras or something. We lost B.I.G. in that era. We lost 2Pac in that era. So to say, Jay and Nas when you discussing Drake and Meek, I think is disrespectful. That was an entirely different type of energy. That’s what I believe, unless I’m seeing something… I must be just, fuckin’, I don’t know. But by the time I heard of the Meek and the Drake situation, um, you know they told me that Meek hadn’t dropped nothing real and Drake had let two records go. They told me, it was cool and I was like, that’s it. Moved on.” (XXL Mag)