“Power” star Rotimi is helping clear up confusion about owing 50 Cent major bucks. The crooner has come forward to explain why “Fofty” is going on a viral rampage about an unsettled debt.

In a new interview, Rotimi admitted the alleged money woes date back to his short-lived contract with Fif’s G-Unit Records.

“So, let me explain the whole situation – when you’re signed to someone as an artist, they give you a budget. They give you a budget to promote the records, make sure everything is good with the records and market it so it gets the best value for the bang of their buck. 50 believed in me in 2014 and gave me a deal under his G-Unit. So at this point, we didn’t agree on the single, ‘Love Riddim.’ I loved the record and he felt like I should have gone with another record. I asked him if I could get out of my deal and he said ‘Yes, I’m not going to hold you back, but there’s business. So, what that is, I paid an upfront sum and everything else will be through mechanical sales and royalties.’ … He still gets the money, he still gets paid off, he still gets paid his percentage of it. Again, this is my brother, he wants me to do well but the way he handles business is unorthodox. I think he was just in a bad mood yesterday – we talked about it today and instead of waiting for royalties, because it is my brother – I gave him a hundred thousand.” (TMZ)

Last night, Fif went to Instagram to share footage of rap veteran Snoop Dogg offering to handle Rotimi’s alleged debt.

50 went to Instagram Wednesday to respond to Rotimi denying he owes him major stacks.

A few hours prior, Rotimi shut down speculation about owing 50.