The “Power” team knows people are hurting today with no new episode airing. To soften the blow of waiting another seven days, the series has highlighted some of season five’s biggest moments.

On Sunday, the “Power” Instagram page treated fans to a clip showcasing huge scenes from the last seven episodes.

Earlier in the day, “Power” actor Larenz Tate acknowledged fans having to wait a full week before watching a new episode.

A few hours ago, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage playfully ripped “Power” executive producer 50 Cent over the setback.

“Man, somebody get the strap for this n*gga 50, man. He lame as h*ll. He don’t wanna let ‘Power’ come on. D*mn, 50. We wanna watch ‘Power.’ Lame a** n*gga. Put that sh*t on. Get the strap!”

Heading into the weekend, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp broke fans’ hearts when she announced they’d have to wait it out for a new episode.