“Power” is making sure everyone is tuning into Sunday’s highly-anticipated eighth episode. The hit series has teased fans with some major fresh storylines.

Heading into the weekend, “Power” lit up its Instagram page with three major plot teasers.

Earlier this week, Starz responded to a widespread leak of “Power’s” remaining three episodes.

“The final three episodes of Power’s fourth season were leaked online due to a breach of the press screening room,” said a Starz spokesperson. “This seems to be a case of password sharing that resulted in homemade videos of the episodes which were taped off a TV screen and posted online. STARZ has begun forensic investigations and will take legal action against the responsible parties.” (EW)

Some reports claim the person responsible actually revealed his face in the leak.


If this whole scenario isn’t crazy enough, the ‘cammer’ polishes off his virtuoso performance by turning the ‘cam’ phone around and recording his own face for several seconds. To save his embarrassment we won’t publish an image here but needless to say, he is extremely easy to identify, as is his Facebook page, where the content seems to have first appeared. (Torrent Freak)

Prior to Starz’s statement, buzz developed about “Power” suffering a massive leak.

So I’m browsing Twitter and see my fellow tweeters talking about someone leaked the last three episodes of #Power. Y’all know I had to see what tea was ’cause I love me some #Power! Low and behold, the grapevine told no lies because there it was before my very eyes: episode 10 of #Power. (The Shade Room)