“Power” star Omari Hardwick has no problem calling people out. The STARZ actor stepped forward this week to address getting a nasty comment placed on one of his posts.

On Thursday, Hardwick addressed getting singled out by someone on social media and explained his issue with the user’s remarks.

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I took this from a person’s page who perhaps is a fan. Perhaps is operative. Hell…perhaps many of you who truly come off as the furthest thing from a fan…are deep down inside the biggest fan. Perhaps some of us ain’t really given ourSELVES permission to show love or appreciation to those who really make you feel a way. Good or Bad. But especially…good. For someone to have the gift to make you feel a way (especially in a positive way)….is something different. At the least worth respecting if not rocking with. To Like, to Love, to Rock with…is cool. To respect is King…or Queen. The “fan” who posted this pic commented on a post my @poeticspodcast team put up of me simply writing a poem. Her commenting wasn’t the issue. Her comment was. & the reason…it was a completely unnecessary comment. & i could tell immediately that this “fan” was better than that. I stated that as well. This stage called social media was never intended for EVERY thought one has to be “spoken”. & we must all remember….these thoughts aren’t truly SPOKEN. 95% of shit stated on this stage (especially shit) would NEVER be actually spoken in the face of the person it’s INdirectly directed to. So let’s ALL just relax. Remember what grandmas would say: ‘If ya don’t have anything nice to say…. & real talk, if you do have something mean to say…always remember Karma never needs waze or google maps. That muthasucka WILL find you. & lastly, dear fan & fans who I obviously believe in to be more…please remember it proves that i root for YOU. My all time favorite artist, Marley said it best. Shout out to all the youth reading. We depending on y’all 💪🏾❤️🦅

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